1. plmorrell says:

    I think you need to add a picture of Kahlua after today 😉 I know it’s a bad one when you don’t join the group convos, LOL!

  2. valerie valerie says:

    I kept seeing the conversation roll but I couldn’t join in. So sucked!

  3. plmorrell says:

    Bad work interfering with real life! 😉

  4. valerie valerie says:

    So annoying. LOL And it’s only going to get busier for me. Joy! 😛

  5. plmorrell says:

    Ewww… that’s not good 🙁 Is it just that time of year or something that happened?

  6. valerie valerie says:

    February is “open enrollment” for us, which means people can put in transfer requests for their students to attend a school other than the one they’re zoned for. On top of that mess, the Board just approved boundary changes! And who gets to keep track of all this stuff? ME!

  7. plmorrell says:

    Sound like a whole lot of NOT fun 🙁

  8. valerie valerie says:

    It wasn’t so bad before because I had a routine with it but now I’ve got a bunch of other stuff I’m supposed to keep track of and the idea of it all is weighing me down. If the damn kids would just behave, then I wouldn’t have to work about the expulsion stuff but the kids keep getting into trouble. Aaaaack!

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