you’re still on my mind
lingering with your sweet smile
promising delight

Our local theatre is playing Star Trek!!!

I haven’t seen Star Trek Into Darkness yet. I’m hoping for tomorrow. I know it won’t happen Saturday or Sunday. Aaaack! I MUST see this movie this weekend. If I don’t see it tomorrow, I’m walking to the theatre on Saturday and watching it alone.

So you know how I’ve done a few Listworthy posts? Well, I haven’t done one since the birthday one for EQ and I know it’s time to post another. I have one almost all ready that I need to post. Maybe it’ll go up this weekend so that I can work on the next two that I want to do. LOL Yes, TWO. 😉

the view from my car at Starbucks…

I got to drive to work today, which was a good thing considering it was raining on the way. I stopped at Starbucks, which I’m wont to do when I’m driving. My cafe mocha was decidedly more “coffee” tasting than usual. I should have skipped it and had a refresher or something. I have too much coffee (for me) this week.

what my feedly sees

Geez, I post pictures of my fellas a lot, don’t I? LOL But oops, when was the last time I posted a pic of Ed Quinn. I wonder if he feels neglected by me. Silly thought! I’m not totally neglectful. I still #FF him. Just because I’m all about the Strike Back fellas doesn’t mean I don’t still adore my List. (Although PW and Sully are making their way onto it…)

one of my Throwback Thursday pics, 2001

Good times, good times…