maybe I’ll confess
opening my heart with hope
that you feel the same

Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon in The Tudors

I’m ahead of my poem writing. I don’t mind. Maybe it’s good for my brain to stay creative in some way. I’m already losing the drive to keep writing my story. I cannot seem to implement a self imposed deadline. Shame. It’s not as if I have other things I’m doing. I have the time to write. Instead, I went through some old unfinished stories and happened upon one I started earlier this year. I liked the tone. I wonder if I shouldn’t be so ambitious and perhaps just concentrate on writing short stories first. A good thought?

I watched another episode of The Tudors today. My duty to Henry Cavill, I suppose you could say. I make it sound like a chore, don’t I? It’s not really. The show is actually quite well done. This particular episode didn’t have enough Henry in it but so it goes. It’s not about his character, after all. LOL


I also FaceTime’d with the niece! Gosh, she’s growing fast! Such a sweetie too. I ADORE HER! She read her first book this week, as in read it herself. I’m so proud!

my favorite girl