Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy – GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It was was fun, adventuresome, touching, funny, and action packed. It’s probably the only movie I’m going to see in the theatre this summer and it’s totally worth it. James Gunn and his crew did a FANTASTIC job. (Quoting my quick FB post. LOL) I was…

poised for release

pleasure sweet heat rising inside losing control in such temptation poised for release random Strike Back hotness Did I just break my Philip Winchester pic first in the post streak? Yes, I think I did. But come on, how hot (yet borderline tasteful) is the screenshot above? Goes so well with the poem. LOL 😉…

right within our reach

whisper your promise in this dark silence no one will know catch me hold my hand every breath sways us closer towards a light ever constant right within our reach Philip Winchester in 24 The other day I started what I think is a short story using a secondary character from the story I should…

this is mine

poem #1 this is mine alone you can’t leave me over this restlessness poem #2 captured so easily a heart ever willing virtuous in spirit inspiration in the waiting love more than words lost in each breath Taylor Kitsch in The Bang Bang Club Yesterday morning I woke up and decided that the first thing…

lose ourselves in laughter

can we have another moment vested in promise intricate and sweeping lose ourselves in laughter SO SAD about Almost Human. WHY?! 🙁

rising in the distance

there’s nothing here a faded sigh of yearning long ago dissipated once more merely a hint rising in the distance Richard Flood – Crossing Lines So, have you started watching Crossing Lines yet? Do it! It’s a smart, suspenseful show and you might just get hooked and want more. I know I do! 😉

a map

a map with dots Still testing!

go watch #CrossingLines

screenshot from Crossing Lines This is actually just a test post. For some reason my blog posts aren’t making it to G+. UGH.

envision that moment

how can I not envision that moment not long from now ringing with laughter yearning fulfilled Kitsch on The View So while the day was gray and rainy, my sickness settled upon me. Nothing too drastic, just achy with a stuffy nose and a fuzzy head. But my concentration has been utter crap and I…

musings fangirl style

I’ve written my poem for the day so this is going to just be a bit of babble! FANGIRL STUFF A year ago, Ed Quinn was on an internet radio show and he gave me a shout out! Yes, ME. And even though he’s no longer my number one fella (so many men, so little…