Man of Steel

Man of Steel watches over me Published via Pressgram

too much tv watching!

I almost want to write a poem right now but I’ll leave it to tomorrow. 😉 Instead you can read my take on the shows I watch… work candy

the sway and stirring

the sway and stirring the rushing cool of the breeze aimless wandering the moon in the morning, far in the distance RANDOM TIP #1 – If you’re not going to hold your phone like a camera when taking pictures, I say take square pictures so we’re none the wiser. 😉 THE WRONG WAY INTO THE…

still waiting for more

the taste of your kiss lingers on my parted lips still waiting for more a pretty flower…

wishing you’d come back

my heart’s not broken I don’t cry myself to sleep wishing you’d come back just because… Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back… Oh Monday. It wasn’t too dreadful.

disconnecting me

nothing but silence unrelentingly constant disconnecting me written 08-07-13 I am writing without internet at home, using WordPad. I haven’t used WordPad in AGES yet here I am, wanting to write so I write with the one wordprocessing program on my computer. I feel thrown back into the past like this. It’s a strange feeling….

heat simmering sweet beneath

you’re such temptation heat simmering sweet beneath waiting to let go Cavill, Stapleton, Winchester I just realized that all of the above men can do accents not their own. Interesting! 😉

emotion unleashed

the swell of music seamless beneath the action emotion unleashed First, congratulations to my favorite first five-eighths Dan Carter of the Crusaders on hitting the 1500 Super Rugby points mark! He’s the first one to it, so WOOHOO! It was last night, against the Chiefs, and the Crusaders also won. So, DOUBLE WOOHOO! 🙂 Second,…