has this fervor cooled

has this fervor cooled fading to a steady glow soothing to the touch I’m so glad the weekend is now upon us. The A’s game is winding down, heading to the 9th inning right now. It’s nice winding down to baseball. The game forces you to relax a little. 😉 Now the game is over!…

is it just a tease

is it just a tease hinting an unseen future just beyond our reach It’s maddening sometimes thinking of heart twisting scenes without context. I suppose that’s why I call some of my story scenes “vignettes” because I like the idea of the scenes but have no clue what the overall story might be. See, maddening….

far away from here

there’s nothing to say turn around and please be gone far away from here It’s been a good day for sports watching for me. This morning there was rugby (and I still have two games to watch on the DVR) and this afternoon the A’s/Giants game was on tv. Yah! And if I so desired,…

with faith without direction

follow me this way with faith without direction through the twists and turns Someone asked me to post the follow picture and I just had to oblige: see, it exists! Twas DAMN COLD walking to work this morning but it was dry. Mostly. But it was COLD! My face was SO COLD when I got…

just a quick test

Just want to see how this looks on tumblr. I might delete it or I might not. 😉

testing something new

I’m trying something out with a new plug-in. Excuse the domain housekeeping. 😉

emerge from melancholy

let me take this step emerge from melancholy with a heart renewed morning repeat of Monday I remembered to get my free drink from Starbucks and I chose my usual cafe mocha. DELICIOUS, of course. I think the caffeine keeps me peppy. And that’s not a bad thing, right? I think it might make me…

with just a gentle whisper

I can break your heart with just a gentle whisper cutting through your soul I’m trying a new WordPress to Livejournal cross posting plugin but the formatting on the LJ end is making me a little crazy. Not sure how to fix it or if anyone will even notice. Ah well. closer to the tree…

Test #3 from the app

I don’t ever update from the app but if I did, would it post to LJ? We shall see!

test #2

It would totally rock if this worked. Seriously. 😉 And then I wonder what happens if I edit here. Will it edit at LJ?