a map

a map with dots Still testing!

go watch #CrossingLines

screenshot from Crossing Lines This is actually just a test post. For some reason my blog posts aren’t making it to G+. UGH.

envision that moment

how can I not envision that moment not long from now ringing with laughter yearning fulfilled Kitsch on The View So while the day was gray and rainy, my sickness settled upon me. Nothing too drastic, just achy with a stuffy nose and a fuzzy head. But my concentration has been utter crap and I…

musings fangirl style

I’ve written my poem for the day so this is going to just be a bit of babble! FANGIRL STUFF A year ago, Ed Quinn was on an internet radio show and he gave me a shout out! Yes, ME. And even though he’s no longer my number one fella (so many men, so little…

Man of Steel

Man of Steel watches over me Published via Pressgram