too much tv watching!

I almost want to write a poem right now but I’ll leave it to tomorrow. 😉 Instead you can read my take on the shows I watch… work candy

the sway and stirring

the sway and stirring the rushing cool of the breeze aimless wandering the moon in the morning, far in the distance RANDOM TIP #1 – If you’re not going to hold your phone like a camera when taking pictures, I say take square pictures so we’re none the wiser. 😉 THE WRONG WAY INTO THE…

still waiting for more

the taste of your kiss lingers on my parted lips still waiting for more a pretty flower…

wishing you’d come back

my heart’s not broken I don’t cry myself to sleep wishing you’d come back just because… Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back… Oh Monday. It wasn’t too dreadful.

disconnecting me

nothing but silence unrelentingly constant disconnecting me written 08-07-13 I am writing without internet at home, using WordPad. I haven’t used WordPad in AGES yet here I am, wanting to write so I write with the one wordprocessing program on my computer. I feel thrown back into the past like this. It’s a strange feeling….