Test #3 from the app

I don’t ever update from the app but if I did, would it post to LJ? We shall see!

test #2

It would totally rock if this worked. Seriously. 😉 And then I wonder what happens if I edit here. Will it edit at LJ?

just a quick test

Trying out a new crossposter to LJ. 😉 Hmmm, that didn’t work. 🙁

Happy first of 2013!

raise a glass to hope promise yourself better days with laughter and love My first song played of 2013: “Hell on Wheels” – Brantley Gilbert (appropriate because we were in the car to go home and I was driving…) My second song played of 2013: “Overdose” – Ed Quinn (because I just had to mention…

my 2012 in photos

Here’s a slideshow of my 2012 Project 365. It’s actually 366 pictures because it was a leap year and I didn’t think to take a day off from taking a photo. LOL

for me to cherish

please give everything from the very heart of you for me to cherish I’m glad I already did my look back on 2012 so that I can just babble on my last entry for the year. 😉

no one ever asks

no one ever asks why the tears might be falling when the skies are dark more Ed Quinn in Starship Troopers 2 My 2012 in review (because what else do I have to do on a Saturday morning?):

whisper your confession

just say you want me whisper soft your confession as I taste your lips It’s GLORIOUS to be off from work until the 2nd. Have I mentioned that yet? Well, it’s true. I should get off the computer and start reading my book. Or, if I’m going to sit here, why not write my own?…


the words elude me leaving only such heartbreak unfathomable

where the heck I have been?!

So, no poetry today but I will make up for the days I missed, promise. Well, it’s mostly a promise to myself. 🙂 Let’s work backwards! Yes, I hit the 50,000 words mark! GO ME! But maybe you’re saying, “Oh Valerie, you’ve done it before, so whatever.” Well sure, I’ve done it before but I’ll…

this is all for you

this is all for you my heart and my dreams in hand I share just with you Bullets about my weekend! Saturday – Lots of writing. Go me! Sunday – We hung out with my cousins in Pleasant Hill. The little ones are getting so big! It was great just being with all of them…

Halloween and all that jazz

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in AGES. A few days ago I got the bright idea to wear my old Sheriff’s Technician uniform.