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My cousin Beverly

Beverly (middle) with her sister and my dad 2009 My cousin Beverly J. passed from this world to the next. She had been fighting for a long time, perhaps longer than expected. But then it was time for her to… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week sixteen

Today is my grandfather’s death anniversary. He died twenty six years ago. Our family got together at the cemetery for a little prayer and to catch up a bit. It was nice to see everyone. It was a lovely day…… Continue Reading →

Journey well into the next…

For their 50th anniversary, 2009 My Auntie Annie died this morning. My parents called me early, while I was getting ready for work. I didn’t hear the phone and saw the voicemail, listened, took a moment, then called them. They… Continue Reading →

let loose the chaos brewing

maybe you will break let loose the chaos brewing when that last straw falls FaceTime with the niece! Chatted with my niece yesterday. She is so darn exuberant! I love it! She’s such a cutie. I love watching her and… Continue Reading →

pretending to forget you

you think it’s easy pretending to forget you even when you’re there 4th of July fireworks in Pleasant Hill

the cool of the breeze

remember this the touch of sunshine the cool of the breeze the rustle of the leaves the peace of this eternal rest my grandfather’s gravemarker We were going that way so we stopped by to visit my grandfather’s grave. It… Continue Reading →

stealing a breath and heartbeat

Two poems since I forgot to post yesterday. WTH?! poem #1 the thrill rushes quick stealing a breath and heartbeat unexpectedly poem #2 just give it a chance confess a part of your heart you might be surprised The weekends… Continue Reading →

starting with a kiss

let me take your hand lead your heart to love so sweet starting with a kiss yummy yummy garlic fries!

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