simply can’t compare to this

the depths of my dreams simply can’t compare to this one moment with you just a bit chilly First day back to work! It would have been a lovely and quiet day except for a bit of drama regarding paychecks. I’ll not bore you all with the details but I will say that it’s annoying…

no one ever asks

no one ever asks why the tears might be falling when the skies are dark more Ed Quinn in Starship Troopers 2 My 2012 in review (because what else do I have to do on a Saturday morning?):

smiling that come hither smile

hello there you tease smiling that come hither smile of hot temptation I am so enjoying these lazy days. I love not knowing what day of the week it is. LOL

just let the wind blow

just let the wind blow lifting away the regrets clinging to the soul Another stormy day out there. Good thing I don’t have anywhere to be at the moment. 😛 I was reminded of this episode of Eureka yesterday and I couldn’t help but do some screenshots then the picstitch. 😉 It’s AMAZING to me…

it’s never enough

it’s never enough needing it more, wanting more to hold and cherish Is it weird that I haven’t listened to the actual CD yet? I have the digital download of it but now that I have the physical CD, I haven’t listened to it yet. Hmmm.

so worth the wait

anticipation finally sweetly fulfilled so worth the wait MY EP FINALLY ARRIVED!!! I’m so happy to have it in my hands. 😀 And I LOVE how Ed Quinn personalized it. Yes, I love it. My All Blacks Anthem Jacket still hasn’t arrived. 🙁 Tomorrow? I’m not really that sad since I finally have EP. THANK…


the words elude me leaving only such heartbreak unfathomable

hasty from my lips

I would not dare say the words ready to tumble hasty from my lips yesterday’s sugar rush I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that while writing yesterday’s post (I worked on it during my free time throughout the day), I received an email saying that my Ed Quinn EP shipped. WOOHOO!!! So now it’s…