TWITL – week thirty-five – long weekend

maybe you’re waiting amused by my wanderings knowing I’ll return Random musings, bullet style… We’ve been watching Friends on Netflix. It’s funny and strange watching the show. Although it’s a product of its time (mostly fashions and such), the themes are still relevant. Some of the situations make me want to roll my eyes but…

the promise in each breath

something new yet timeless this rush the racing heart the breathless feeling so bright spreading fast with laughter bubbling just below the surface something new yet timeless this love the certainty that beats the promise in each breathh my (unplanned) 35,000th tweet I swear, I did not plan that 35,000th tweet yet there it is….

not very far with hope

so why until now lost and lonely in the darkness visions haunt me a glimmer glows not very far with hope Erik Thomson in All Saints So Erik’s turn on All Saints was so long ago that it’s not even in HD or letterbox. Goodness me! I think it’s great it’s (legally) accessible to me…

new articles at erik t central

Head out to Erik Thomson Central for a couple of new articles and links to other news.  And isn’t this picture just too adorable?  

revamps for the fellas

I’ve revamped both Erik Thomson Central and William Gregory Lee Online. They’re both basically the same layout with different top banners. Hopefully easier to navigate and such. Highlights for each site: Erik Thomson Central updated screencaps for Hercules and Xena episodes as well as By the Numbers new screencaps for The Alice and Getaway new…

Alas, no Erik Thomson in Burbank…

Ah well, it’s not to be this time around. Erik has been cast in a new series and the dates clash with the convention. Congrats to Erik! But alas for the fans (like me!) who were looking forward to seeing him in Burbank. Next year!

Erik Thomson in Burbank!

Erik Thomson has been added to the Xena Convention next month in Burbank! He’s tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 14th. This is the first time Erik will be appearing at an official Xena convention. 🙂