resisting everything

here I stand ever patient never anxious resisting everything you throw my way CHRIS CONRAD! (in an eharmony commercial) I’m taking a break from TVBoyfriend (that’s what I’m going to call the Irishman from now on if I don’t call him the Irishman) to show off an update on an old celeb crush, Chris Conrad….

missing only the thrill

trembling but not desperate over all this anguish missing only the thrill Richard Flood and Tom Wlaschiha in Crossing Lines FANGIRLING – I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve posted an inordinate amount of pictures of Richard Flood, he of Crossing Lines. It might be more accurate to say I’m crushing on his Tommy McConnel character…

No more love from me for @JoeManganiello

Sorry Joe, no more fangirl love from me disclaimer: Iā€™m not really THAT SAD that Joe Manganiello has blocked me from following him on twitter but the confusion and disappointment are real enough… My once dear Joe Manganiello, This will be my last public expression of disappointment in regards to the quiet, almost unnoticed block…

destiny a hint

he smiles a warmth rousing hope destiny a hint yet unseen my work monitor wallpaper I changed my wallpaper at work to my Man Crush Monday picture. So delightfully distracting, no? šŸ˜‰ So I’m writing a story and the characters are currently nameless. I have at least three other stories on the back burner. What…

one more step forward

take this moment one more step forward meant to be scenic route We visited Elk Grove and had lunch at the local BJ’s there. Good food!

the thrill so sweet

the thrill so sweet one thought remains make this real Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back On a whim, I started watching the very first episode of Strike Back (US version). Still good stuff. šŸ˜‰

I can’t follow @JoeManganiello on Twitter… WHY?!

I don’t feel like writing a poem right now. I feel like venting just a tiny bit about something that ultimately means nothing but nonetheless bothers the hell out of me. I can’t follow Joe Manganiello on Twitter. me, unhappy I’m not exactly sure why. If you go through my Twitter feed, you’d hardly call…