surrender to the darkness

I will lose myself surrender to the darkness filling up this soul Eva Green & Sullivan Stapleton in the 300 Rise of an Empire trailer Why does it seem as though Sully is always getting kissy-faced with someone? LOL I’m not complaining, it’s more of an observation. 😉

just this one last time

just this one last time let me hear you laugh again while we smile once more my ticket to Man of Steel

clawing for inspiration

am I just drifting clawing for inspiration where none can exist My last half day Friday. ALAS! I have very much enjoyed locking the doors right at noon and happily walking out when the sun is high in the sky, driving to either the movie theatre for a matinee or to Taco Bell for lunch….

if we wait

if I wait for you to beg humble on your knees if you wait for me to cry with silent forgiveness if I wait for you to say those words I need to hear if you wait for me to admit the depth of my heart we will wait forever stubborn and alone unrepentant and…

you just let it go

not so long ago holding this heart in your hands you just let it go I think I’m ahead with my poems. Maybe I’m trying to double up so that one day I need not be so creative. Who knows! 😉 Ed Quinn & Valerie Cruz – True Blood Hey look, he’s standing next to…

the taste of your kiss

the taste of your kiss clings so softly to my lips even as I wake Strike Back – Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton Strike Back: Shadow Warfare (aka season three here in the US) premieres on August 9 on Cinemax. Guess who’ll have her DVR set? Yes, ME.

drifting and forgetting this

part of it was you drifting and forgetting this part of it was me Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester – Strike Back Cinemax, August 9 = Strike Back returns!!! Who me, excited? Hell yeah. Henry Cavill, just because No gossip from me but wrap your mind around this– Penny dating Superman?!

one breath’s slow exhale

one breath’s slow exhale the rush of adrenaline aching for release Henry Cavill, Sullivan Stapleton, Philip Winchester The fellas in order. Yes, it has been decided. 😉

please, just one more time

stillness eludes me this restlessness just won’t stop please, just one more time The teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Strike Back is out. HOT! Speaking of hot, it’s freakin’ triple digit weather right now. UGH!!! Had sushi with my cousins this afternoon. This was the first time I didn’t finish all my food!…

do I feel nothing

do I feel nothing did I feel anything then or am I just lost Henry Cavill on the Graham Norton Show I keep listening to the Man of Steel soundtrack. I want it to seep into my soul. And then I want to watch the movie again and actually hear the music in the scenes….

hazy in dreams

heartbroken yet strong unspoken yet heard forgotten lost in the past remembered hazy in dreams uncertain akin to regret determined without a path my morning goodness I seriously LOVE summer break even though I have to work. There’s something calming about having the student parking lot across the street EMPTY. Of course, I still get…

forget what you think you know

light just a flicker losing its ground as the darkness descends false comfort surrounds shaking with every breath temptation whispers let go why stay indecisive forget what you think you know ahhh, Strike Back I have a hair appointment on Friday, which means I won’t be seeing Man of Steel after work. I don’t know…