one more step forward

take this moment one more step forward meant to be scenic route We visited Elk Grove and had lunch at the local BJ’s there. Good food!

the thrill so sweet

the thrill so sweet one thought remains make this real Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back On a whim, I started watching the very first episode of Strike Back (US version). Still good stuff. 😉

if we ever meet

if we ever meet I’ll pretend with a cool smile my heart does not skip Not sure if I’m digging the green but I do like the gold with the hearts. The green is a bit foresty with tiny sparkly flecks. Tom Hardy is going to be an episode of Driven to Extremes on the…

have I caught your eye

have I caught your eye planted a little wonder somewhere in your heart Ed Quinn in Werewolf: The Beast Among Us After reading my friend’s review of Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, I feel like I should watch it again. Hmmm, maybe this weekend while I’m doing some laundry. 😉 It’ll be a nice way…

with just a gentle whisper

I can break your heart with just a gentle whisper cutting through your soul I’m trying a new WordPress to Livejournal cross posting plugin but the formatting on the LJ end is making me a little crazy. Not sure how to fix it or if anyone will even notice. Ah well. closer to the tree…

no one ever asks

no one ever asks why the tears might be falling when the skies are dark more Ed Quinn in Starship Troopers 2 My 2012 in review (because what else do I have to do on a Saturday morning?):

my name laced with desire

let me hear it once my name laced with desire whispered from your lips This would be the perfect time to start NaNoWriMo! I’m pretty much stuck at home most of the weekend and I think I might be overloading on the romance story reading. Perhaps I should sit down with my JK Rowling book,…

so drawn together

you say you don’t know the reasons that we are here so drawn together Last night we watched 6 Bullets and Black Hawk Down. I know, two totally different flicks, right? I mostly watched 6 Bullets because of Joe Flanigan but it wasn’t such a bad movie. A kind of straight to dvd version of…

fall upon your knees

fall upon your knees beg for redemption with tears rip out your own heart Hey, why didn’t I remember that Dean O’Gorman (far left) is in The Hobbit? My last Monday off until Labor Day. Alas.