I hear the wind blowing

I hear the wind blowing rustling through the leaves so cool and beckoning as the sun moves slow in the sky I hear the music playing faint from somewhere inside without words just notes inviting to sway I feel the breeze slipping through the open windows carrying scents of flowers and grass remnants of a…

Young Hercules at Hulu!

Hey there Ryan Gosling fans!  If it’s been ages since you’ve seen Ryan in Young Hercules, you’re in luck.  Hulu.com has what looks to be all the eps of Young Hercules for your viewing pleasure.  I myself just watched “A Lady in Hades” but there are many to choose from.  Go forth and watch a…

new layout

I thought it was time for a change, so here’s a new layout.  🙂  I love the free wordpress layouts! Bummer I don’t update here very often, eh?

new opening page

Not much of an update but the main page (http://kiari.com) has been slightly revamped.  Since I’ve had this domain so long, I wanted the first page to house my links and such.  So there it is.  🙂

been too long!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated here.  My Erik and Greg sites get most of the updates and I sometimes think I should re-invent this domain.  It’s my oldest one and deserves the attention.  Right?  Right!


Welcome to the latest version of Kiari’s Corner! I’m doing this blog-style in an attempt to keep things better organized. The links under the “Pages” section relate to the main website. The links under “links” lead to my fansites and other creative online ventures. Hopefully it’s a cleaner interface. 🙂 Someday, I’d like to get…

Still around!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I really do want to work on revamping this site, but my laziness knows no bounds! LOL! I hope all is well with everyone. I am toying with the idea of a radical change here. Let’s see when I actually do it…

Burbank 2004 Charles Mesure supplemental

I’ve added a supplemental to my Burbank report. It’s a focus on Charles Mesure. I wanted to write down as much as I remembered about him because he made such a huge impression. Enjoy!

Burbank 2004

Yes, I attended on Saturday only. You can read my report and take a look at my photos at Burbank Xena Convention 2004. Can I just say that Charles Mesure was GORGEOUS? Well, he was! 😀

Erik Thomson news! :D

From sydneyevents.com: The Complete Works – New Year’s Eve special Escape the crowds enjoy the Bard without the boring bits. Here�s your chance to enjoy the best value New Years Eve package on offer. Have a great laugh at the Sydney Opera House with London�s longest running comedy, then enjoy the event “Lawn With The…