MURDER BY NUMBERS opens today! I’m hopefully seeing it sometime this weekend, but I suppose I should figure out when, eh? Woohoo, Ryan on the big screen!


Okay, I changed it to 5 posts. LOL! Updates! I’ve added a page for THE BELIEVER. Nice picture, eh? On THE BELIEVER page you’ll find a very brief synopsis on the movie as well as bio information on Ryan. I’ve also added the screencaptures from the Spirit Awards. Just an example. 😉


I’ve whittled the posts listed on this page to 3. I might change it again, but 7 posts seemed like a lot. Especially when I get long winded. 😉 I received my press kit for THE BELIEVER yesterday and will hopefully have the scans up very soon.


I have integrated the weblog into the main page. Now you have to read about the updates. LOL! No more frames on the main site, which means I need to update the other main stuff here. It will be done. Sometime. 😉 I’ve also taken the comments thing out. I bet you didn’t notice. 😀


Erik Thomson has been nominated for a Logie! He’s in the category for Silver Logie – Most Popular Actor. Good luck Erik! 🙂


I have the following on tape and will hopefully add some screencaps in the near future: * THE BELIEVER – Ryan’s movie about a young Jewish man who becomes a Neo Nazi. Not for the faint of heart… * The Independent Spirit Awards – I have a little snippet from the best actor category. Ryan…


I wrote a poem. You can find it on the opening page of my Kevin site. 🙂


I’m testing the new comments thing. Let’s see if it works…


Kevin Smith dies… I don’t know what to say. I can barely write. My head is swirling with disbelief, anger, sorrow, and resignation. My stomach is in knots and my tears have just now dried. I cannot even imagine what his family and friends are going through. When I try and think of it, I…


Hopefully no one’s really noticed, but I’ve moved kiari.com to a new webhost! 🙂 At this very moment, my Karl page is being uploaded. And I’ve still got to load the rest of my Kevin site. (The main parts are there, but the images pages are not yet uploaded.) It’s a tedious task, but it…


Hmm, I am quite satisfied with the current look of Kiari’s Corner. I know, very green, eh? Hmm, guess what my favorite color is… 😛 (Ohhh) Ryan… Gosling is once again part of the Dear to Ryan site war. The voting hasn’t begun yet, but when it does, VOTE! 🙂 I’d very much appreciate it….


Okay, the site is revamped! 🙂 I think it looks nice… I’ve added Jensen to the list of fellows, which brings us to ten. I think that should be enough. I hope. LOL! If you have any problems with the site, please do not hesitate to contact me…