It’s my last day of vacation. Rats! That’s all I wanted to say. LOL!


One of my convention moments has been captured and posted online! The Privateers Official Site has video clips from the Pasadena Xena convention and one is of me and Karl Urban. Wowsers, what are the chances of that? LOL! The long way there: The long way there- http://www.theprivateers.com, click on Enter, click on Picture Gallery,…


Congratulations to Phillip Hudson, best director for the short film MY SON at the Academy of Art College Spring Film Festival! Phil also placed first in the commercials category for his set of 5 commercials. The film festival itself was cool! I enjoyed it very much and it was even better having someone I know…


I’m getting such lovely responses about my convention report. Thanks especially to Bobby and Scott. 🙂 I can’t wait until the show gets on air! We went to the Santa Clara County Faire on Tuesday. Clay Walker was GROOVAY! He did a fair mix of songs, including some non-country tunes like “Smooth,” “Brown-eyed Girl,” “La…


My convention report is UP! Head out to Pasadena Xena Convention 2001.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Yeah, I’m 30 now. My 20s are gone… I’ve done up yet another website. Don’t ask what’s gotten into me. 😛 But check it out, if you please. Val’s Place


Right now I’m scanning sports cards for the hubby… 😛 I went to dinner this past evening (Mon night) with my cousins. Sushi, then coffee (well, hot chocoloate for me). I miss spending time with my cousins. ::sigh:: THANK YOU INCHIK & BEEBS!!! I love the way my site looks right now. LOL! Vain, eh?…


Whew, updates! Yes, I have revamped kiari.com yet again. I couldn’t help it. What’s new? – tweaking with the frames again, going back to 3 frames – cartoon doll part of the Kiari’s Corner logo! – revised the “about me” page – imbedded the Zack quote “But how could I forget… a single thing about…


Last night we went to a crab feed. YUM!!! I ate a lot. It was great! Oh, and then there was the raffle. Among the prizes were tickets to an A’s game, tickets to a Warriors’ game, a limo ride to a brunch or something, and lots of other nice things. I really wanted the…


My vacation has begun! Yeehaw! So geez, does anyone read this? Well, hopefully I write more since I’ll be at home for a whole week. Ahh, no work! That means no smurfy blue polyester. O glorious! LOL! I’ve discovered something new online. Cartoon dolls. Omigosh, I am having so much fun with them! Remember those…


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 🙂 It’s been seven years and I very much consider myself a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful man… And a Happy Anniversary to Harry and Jill! 🙂


I’m toying with the idea of starting a forum for Kiari’s Corner. Ideally, it would be the place to talk about the fellows featured at Kiari’s Corner. It’s just a thought… So I’m “rollin’ in a Mustang” right now. Gads. The car is in the shop and the rental place gave us a Mustang. Silver….