why did I let youbreak my heart into pieceswith such abandon Such a great day! Spent time with family and celebrated my Dad’s 70th birthday with dinner at Horatio’s. I’ll have more t... Read More
step up, own upembrace your mistakesadmit your failingsdonā€™t spread the blamewhen it belongssquare on youthe choices you madethe missteps you tookbrought you herealone and detestedunworthy and loath... Read More
if you return to mefall straight to your kneesI would shake my headand wish we’d never metif you return to meyour heart could bleedbut I wouldn’t say a wordto assuage your hurtif you retur... Read More
you are insignificanta speck of dust paused in one momentthen fluttering awaywithout moving the world Definition of INTEGRITY 1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : inco... Read More
I want nothing morethan this momentetched into my memoryforever and perfectpure and unfetteredonly mine evermore It’s in the eyes Created with cinemagr.am I love trying out different apps on my ... Read More