each breath draws a smile

how sweet the morningso fresh with a chill quite slighteach breath draws a smile I like how Holli is so small behind me… This morning’s walk was chilly but fresh. Certainly makes for pretty pictures in places. Twas a short day at work. The only bad thing was that I had to walk home and…

whatever you say

in one ear and outit’s easy to just ignorewhatever you say the sun coming up The morning shots are the prettiest sometimes. 🙂 Tomorrow is a half day at work. Glorious!

obligation binds your hands

you’re going to stayobligation binds your handswithout an escape Ahhh, the sights from the morning walk. Joy. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow…

whispering soft dissension

maybe it’s your heartwhispering soft dissensionleading you astray Back to work today but it’s spring break out our way, so not too bad a work day. 🙂 My Muse has fled me again. Why does she do this to me?! I had two stories working in my head and now neither of them speaks to…

the weekend

Two poems in one post. First poem: you can have it allif you give up all you havetake it and let go Second poem: the dreams are foggylike drug induced memoriesmeant to confuse me SATURDAY: Visited the parents in San Leandro. My mom cooked me fried chicken and spaghetti. YUMS! SUNDAY: Watched a lot of…

while the gray skies cry

maybe it’s the rainfilling me with gloomso restlessyet unmovingwhile the gray skies crymaybe it’s the windechoing the emptinessso unfulfillingyet emcompassingwhile the air howlsmaybe it’s the darkdrawing me closerso promisingyet dangerouswhile the day turns to night Such a gloomy, gray day! But there’s something alluring about a day without sunshine. Someone* has a Galaxy SII and…

regret means nothing

regret means nothingwithout the melancholypulling at your heart Back in February, the Silver Dragon Restaurant in Oakland closed. I just read about it today and it made me sad! When I was a kid, we went to that restaurant so many times. I can still picture everything about sitting in the one dining area. I…

the winter’s last stand

such a dark morningthe rain falling so steadythe winter's last stand It doesn't even really feel like we had a winter. Ahhh, mild weather.

so weighed by melancholy

feeling downtroddenso weighed by melancholywhy must time stand still It didn’t rain out here today. Maybe just sprinkles.

winter’s last stand

the clouds gather once morethe air chills with the darknessthe wind bites with every breathlet the sun hide this timelet the rain fall from the graylet the heavens breakthis is winter’s last stand The next ten days or so will be cloudy and rainy in turns. Joy.