like a drifting breeze

like a drifting breezewandering so aimlesslyleisurely swaying Twas a lazy day. My sister and her family made it safely back home to Georgia. I miss them all already! saying goodbye to Alcatraz yesterday

don’t try to blame me

don’t try to blame mewhen the fault belongs to youthough you will deny Another FANTASTIC DAY! We went to Alcatraz, walked along Fisherman’s Wharf, then had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. Good times! More later, of course. For now, I must rest! on our way to San Francisco

nothing that you say

nothing that you sayever holds a grain of truthso to make me sway Another great day spent with family!

why did I let you

why did I let youbreak my heart into pieceswith such abandon Such a great day! Spent time with family and celebrated my Dad’s 70th birthday with dinner at Horatio’s. I’ll have more to tell later but for now, I must sleep!

even as you sink in delusion

step up, own upembrace your mistakesadmit your failingsdon’t spread the blamewhen it belongssquare on youthe choices you madethe missteps you tookbrought you herealone and detestedunworthy and loathedeven as you pretendeven as you sink in delusionbelieving all’s welllook in the mirrorface the truthmisery awaitswith redemption so farjust out of reach taking a piss My Friday! I…

until you admit you’re worthless

watch me turn this giftthis piercing frustrationinto a whirl of chaosstraight for your soulmay it plow you downbreak you into piecesyou’ll never recoverno matter how long you searchuntil you admit defeatuntil you admit you faileduntil you admit you’re worthlessthe guilt will ever haunt you I am savoring these current days. School is out, the weather…

if you return to me

if you return to mefall straight to your kneesI would shake my headand wish we’d never metif you return to meyour heart could bleedbut I wouldn’t say a wordto assuage your hurtif you return to methinking we could again bewhat we once were agoall you’ll hear is no the beginning of my work day Twas…

you don’t deserve this love

you don’t deserve this lovethis most precious giftgiven with joy and hopewith promise everlastingyou stole away the lightpretending with such artyour lies dipped in honeyeach word sweeter than the lastyou don’t deserve this lovenow tattered and fracturedpieces scattered here and thereleaving only shards of betrayal We did a little shopping today. I feel replenished! Just…