Happy 2010

I have plans, big plans for kiari.com! Well, someday. One of my resolutions is to revamp or reinvent Kiari’s Corner. I will do it. I just need a little inspiration. 🙂

trying something new

So, I’ve moved the blog part of Kiari’s Corner to the main page. 🙂 And that is all.

neglectful fangirl

I finally moved my kiari.com domain to my other webhost.  But have I started rebuilding my sites?  NO.  Why?  I'm a lazy chick. williamgregorylee.comThe site for all things William Gregory Lee!  And yet I wasn't smart enough to back up the WordPress database.  But I still have the information saved.  I have to do a…

changes are coming…

I’m in the midst of moving kiari.com to my other webhost.  I just need to get a move on it!  Until I get things straightened out, kiari.com will be here at moonlitjazz.com.

My scar

Left arm – popcorn maker burn from my Festival Cinemas days. Left knee – dog bite from my little girl days. Stomach – surgical scar

Kevin Tod Smith

Sometimes I think there isn’t much more to say about Kev that I haven’t said before.  Sometimes I wonder if I should just be happy for the memories I treasure and just let go of whatever melancholy still lingers.  But I’m one who likes to remember.  I’m one who believes that perhaps remembering reminds the…

I miss writing for strangers

I have posted everyday (pretty much) at my Livejournal for the past three years.  Most of the daily posts have been lines of poetry with a few bits of my days thrown in here and there.  I know my audience there.  I read their LJs and post comments and I feel comfortable posting there.  But…


I almost started this rant last week when I was feeling rather annoyed and irritated. I resisted any action and just let the emotions ride out and now I am hoping to write from a calmer perspective. Here’s the gist of it– MIND YOUR OWN. Don’t give people advice they did not seek from you….