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TWITL – week ten – iPhone 7 Plus

My super non-expert review of my shiny new phone.. Quick specs model: iPhone 7 Plus color: Jet Black capacity: 256 GB camera: 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture / Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture Optical zoom at 2x; digital zoom… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week nine – almost Listworthy, new tech, etc

How close am I to choosing my next Listworthy? So close. I’m sure it’s no surprise who my possible next Listworthy will be. I thought it was going to be someone else but I think this one is a better… Continue Reading →

My take so far: @Pressgram

I like to try new things and this time around I’m trying a new iOS app called Pressgram. It’s like Instagram but publishes directly to WordPress, promising that your pictures belong to you and only you, etc. (But of course… Continue Reading →

Google+ Hangouts – my take

Google recently announced the new version of Google+ Hangouts, replacing the chat in Gmail as well as Google Talk on Android. Hangouts is a standalone messenger on iOS and has a Chrome extension (which works with the Chrome browser closed)…. Continue Reading →

in the end, it doesn’t really matter

One of the interesting things on the internet is social networking.  From MySpace to Facebook, there are a multitude of online services that foster social interaction between strangers and friends and even family.  I have taken advantage of many social… Continue Reading →

two things utterly unrelated

A CHRIS THING The other night Chris Conrad appeared in one of my dreams.  I don't get it!  I had just watched a movie with Chris Evans (PUSH) and I'm currently fascinated with Chris Pine (of STAR TREK).  So why… Continue Reading →

domain woes

My first domain was  I still have it.  I will likely always have it.  As such, I’ve done my best to keep the domain in tip top shape by having it hosted at an affordable yet reliable webhost. Vizaweb… Continue Reading →

trials of a tech gadget geek

I love my tech gadgets.  Such wonderful toys for grown-ups out there.  Not too long ago, I was known to sport a couple of cell phones, an ipod, a digital camera, etc. all on my person.  I would have the… Continue Reading →

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