Burbank Xena Convention 2004

A Saturday report by VC "Kiari" Noble

[This report appears in its entirety in my weblog as well, so if it sounds familiar, you might have read it there first.]

It's been three years since my last convention. I keep remembering the previous cons, big and small. I wondered what this convention would hold for me...


Victoria Pratt - I saw only a little bit of Vicky's stage time. She looked great, of course. Later on in the day (I think after her first autograph session), we passed her as we walked out of the hotel restaurant. She's shorter than me and as pretty as she is on TV.

Gina Torres - Gina is a beautiful lady. She was funny and gracious during her time on stage. My most favorite part of her stage time was when she mentioned Kevin Smith. It was one of those teary eyed moments for me. She was glad to mention him and I was glad too. My second favorite Gina moment was her song at the end. She sang an oldie called “When Did You Leave Heaven?”

Renee O'Connor - I must confess, my friend and I did not watch Renee's one woman theatrical performance. Instead, we sat and chatted while most of the con goers filled the auditorium. We did get up when the auditorium roared. Lucy Lawless was on stage in a playful parody of a Xena fan covention goer. She was so funny! She was in disguise wearing a interesting wig, a Rosie O'Donnell denim jacket, a black hip pack.  I guess Renee was surprised.  I'm sure the fans who were sitting next to Lucy were just as surprised.  :D

Bobby Hosea and Charles Mesure - The only men featured on Saturday and they appeared together. Was it because this was their first convention? Hmmm.

The moment the two of them took the stage, my friend and I were very taken by Charles Mesure. Then he spoke and we were absolutely struck.

Bobby Hosea - a down to earth man with a good sense of humor. My favorite Bobby moment was when he declared that Marcus was Xena's one true love. "I don't care what any of the other guys say." It was priceless! Someone asked for a personal tidbit from each and his was that he's been married for almost 24 years (is that right?)!  He met his wife in the 7th grade and just knew that she was the one for him.  He knew, "and this was before sex education," that she was going to have his children.  It was soo sweet!

Charles Mesure - Oh how HUNKY. He is exactly why I have gone to conventions in the past. And then he was so much more. Handsome, stylish, beautiful voice, gracious. He was my most favorite part of the convention. I especially loved the way he mentioned Kevin. Someone asked him about his roles (Darnelle, I think) and he told us about how he played one of his roles as Kevin. He said that he and "Smithy" tried to "outbutch" each other in that particular episode ("The Dirty Half Dozen"). I liked how he didn't have to say he missed Kevin, you could just hear it in his voice. He also talked about playing Michael and the changes the character went through. On the personal side, Charles is very single and contemplating making a move to the States. He was born in England, grew up in Australia, and has lived the last eight years in New Zealand.


After Charles and Bobby left the stage, I had one more thing to do -- take a picture with Charles Mesure. I was so glad that I had purchased the photo op ticket. I stood in a very small line before Bobby even had his turn. It seemed like a long time, but it was only a few minutes.

I was the first one to take a picture with Charles. I walked into the room and he was sitting in one chair. He stretched his left hand out and I took it and we squeezed hands in greeting. I think I also said hello. I took my seat in the chair beside him and we smiled for the camera. I thanked him and it was done.

with the very gorgeous Charles Mesure
Nothing puts a smile on my face like taking a picture with a handsome fellow. LOL! This one is with Charles Mesure


Early during the convention, I got to sit down for a short interview for the next set of DVD extras. I hope that some of my comments make it onto the DVDs. That would be so WILD!

My purchases included: a sleepshirt from the Xena cruise (Greg is on the shirt), the photo op ticket, and three photos (two of Ares and Xena and one of Virgil and Xena).

Although I had lovely moments at this convention, I felt a bit out of place among the convention crowd. The only thing I had in common with most of them was an affection for the show. But I never bought into the whole subtext. It's not part of what I perceive about the show. Yet the fans at the convention have obviously embraced the unintentional concept. There's nothing wrong with that, but it alienates a fan segment just as willing to spend money on the fandom. Creation especially caters to those fans who want only to focus on the subtext. Most of the guests are women and the themes are very subtext.

I guess my point is this: WHERE ARE THE MEN?!  If the guestlist was more balanced, then perhaps more people would attend. And if more people attend, perhaps more money would flow. Besides, I want my freakin' eye candy!

Most of my pictures turned out CRAPPY. I was too lazy to get out of my seat to get closer to the stage. Oh well! The best picture is the one above with Charles. I should have tried to take another one with him. Ah well, such is me and my bashfulness at the wrong times!

In the end, I had a good time. I missed my former crew. I was glad to catch up with my good friend. I missed Kevin Smith. I think I fell in love with Charles Mesure. I could not recapture the magic of former coventions. Yet I was glad to be there.

And here are the lyrics to the song Gina Torres sang. The song makes me think of Kevin...

When did you leave heaven?
How could they let you go?
How's ev'rything in Heaven?
I'd like to know,
Why did you trade Heaven?
For all these earthly things,
Where did you hide your Halo?
Where did you lose your wings?
Have they missed you?
Can you get back in?
If I kissed you,
Would it be a sin?
I am only human
But you are so divine,
When did you leave Heaven?
Angel mine…

By Guy Lombardo


photos by Kiari
copyright © 2004 Kiari/VCN