Danielle Cormack & Timothy Omundson

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Timothy Omundson had the distinction of being the first convention guest of the year 2000.  He was splendid, as usual.  He was also quite cool during the cabaret.  I'm told he had some very groovy moves (I was too distracted by the awesome guitar playing of Joel Tobeck).

As he was about to autograph the photo, I asked to take a picture.  He said sure, then posed with it.  Man, look at those eyes!  I think it's a rather original picture.  What do you think?  :)

So blue those eyes...

What do you have there? Danielle Cormack was once again her lovely, enthusiastic self for the convention.  She rocked on Friday night for the cabaret.  Loved her "Piece of My Heart" and "Bad to the Bone."  She was also great during her time on stage.

She's looking at my badge in this picture.  She asked me what was on it.  My first thought was Ryan Gosling, but I replied, "Erik Thomson.  'Cause I love him.  [pause]  You got to kiss him."

Tim, who was sitting next to her, cut in with, "I didn't kiss him!"

I laughed as Danielle had this still look on her face, then she said, "You've seen SNAP?"  I nodded, to which she said, "How do you people do it?  You've seen all my stuff!"

My obligatory Erik Thomson moment of the weekend.  :)

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