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Ryan signed autographs on Saturday afternoon.  I missed Joel Tobeck and Meighan Desmond for him, but that's okay.  Twas well worth it, I think.  I had him sign a picture of the two of us from last year.  I know, goofy, but I couldn't resist!

This is the second picture I took of Ryan that day.  (The first one was blurry.)  My friends and I were part of the first dozen to get autographs.  As soon as I got mine, I headed out to watch Jeremy Callaghan.  When Jeremy was finished, however, I headed back to the annex and in line for Ryan again.  I forgot to get a picture with him!

Ryan signing autographs...


So I headed back in line, accompanied by my friends.  Why was I nervous?  The fellows in front of me got an autograph and one of them got a picture with him, then it was my turn.  I managed to ask him for a picture together, to which he replied, "Yes, let's do this."

That's us on the left.  To the right is Ryan and Psam.  


rygos.jpg Later, Kevin Smith was on stage.  He was answering a question on one side when a voice on the other side interrupted Kevin with, "Is it true that Ares had a crush on that Young Hercules?"

Kevin whirled around then started laughing.  I had to stand up a bit to see Ryan at the microphone.  "Actually," Kevin replied.  "Ares had his way with him in an unnatural way.  But it was only a summer fling."

"Can I touch your muscles, please?"  Ryan implored as the audience started laughing.

"This is what I had to put up with for a year!"  Kevin said to us.  Ryan departed and the girl he cut in front of asked if she could ask her question since Ryan stole her place in line.  "He stole your place?  He's a thief too!"

I don't think anyone will be surprised when I say that Ryan was one of the highlights of my weekend.  It was great to see him again.  He was still as adorable and sweet as the first time we met...

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