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All right, the real reason I go to these conventions is to spend time with my friends.  Without them, what kind of fun would I have?  I wouldn't!  I just wish that we had had more time in Pasadena.  Everything just seemed so rushed...

450p25.jpg Danae with her Ares doll.  Isn't it just too adorable? 007p07.jpg

450p21.jpg Etana & KimD waiting in line for autographs on Friday night...

pmls.jpg tm.jpg rgkd.jpg

Resting, in the bar we have (from left to right): Vixen & Sura, Etana, and TheRose & KimD


TheRose & I were trying to have our picture taken, but Sura (left) had to distract us.  But we got one of just the two of us.  OTs forever!  :)


And I just couldn't resist taking a picture with the Ares doll.  Can you blame me?  I mean, how many people can say they've had Ares in their arms?  LOL!


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