"By the Numbers"

Image captured by Kiari

These wavs are from the Ray Bradbury Theater episode, "By the Numbers."  Erik plays Young Man and encounters someone who remembers him as a boy...

"Looks like you're trying to give that away." [40 kb]

"Why would you give a drink to a stranger, just like that?" [39 kb]

"Where?  When?"  [45 kb]

"You would never believe it." [25 kb]

"I know." [22 kb]

"Why, 'cause you think it might help now?" [40 kb]

"One day, it must have been a year after you were there..." [56 kb]

"Company dismissed." [27 kb]

"Isn't that a laugh?  Isn't that a joke?" [48 kb]

"I wasn't allowed to ask." [38 kb]

"Dad, how come you never get in the pool?  Not once in all these years since I was real small.  How come Dad?  Why not?" [121 kb]

"No, no he killed himself, don't you see?  I couldn't be sure he wasn't faking.  He tricked me before.  He was always trying to catch me breaking discipline."  [106 kb]

"Hide around the corner or pretend to go to the men's room, jump back, find me at ease.  Ten demerits, twenty demerits!"  [88 kb]

"The night you left..." [25 kb]

"The night you left, he dropped his watch in the pool.  And hit me when I rescued it."  [89 kb]

"It was standing there again by the pool that day, I thought he was luring me on, tricking me into disobeying." [69 kb]

"So I had to wait, you know, I couldn't take a chance." [60 kb]

"...had to be sure." [33 kb]

"You know what?" [28 kb]

"I didn't cry then and I haven't cried since." [65 kb]

"...once in all these years." [43 kb]

"No tears.  'Cause it's so funny, don't you think?"  [72 kb]

"So funny.  A million laughs, that was my dad.  Don't you agree?"  [129 kb]

[ET sounds]


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