Ares in "The Treasure of Zeus, part 1"

(with a little bit of Strife thrown in...)

arestr.jpg arestr1.jpg arestr2.jpg arestr3.jpg
aresyh.jpg aresyh1.jpg aresyh10.jpg aresyh11.jpg
aresyh13.jpg aresyh15.jpg aresyh19.jpg aresyh2.jpg
aresyh20.jpg aresyh21.jpg aresyh23.jpg aresyh3.jpg
aresyh4.jpg aresyh5.jpg aresyh6.jpg aresyh8.jpg

From the Young Hercules episode "The Treasure of Zeus, part 1"

Images captured by Kiari.

just another part of Kiari's Kevin Smith Collection
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