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New Zealand Woman's Weekly, 22 November 1999

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They've worked together either in TV, on stage or with a band for close to five years but, when Kevin Smith and Joel Tobeck joined up for a feature film, they barely exchanged a word.

The pair star alongside Danielle Cormack in a new Kiwi film, Channelling Baby - a drama about a couple whose baby mysteriously disappears. Viewers are show several possible scenarios before the truth is finally revealed.

"The only time Joel and I appear together is in a very tense scene shot in a living room," says Kevin. "I say something like, 'Who are you?' and that's it."

Kevin and Joel first worked together years ago at Auckland's Mercury Theatre. Kevin was acting and Joel was an usher. Since then, they've shared the stage for Theatresports and appeared together in TV shows like Lawless, Hercules and Young Hercules.

Channelling Baby is Kevin's second feature film and he jokes its his most regular form of work - he does one every seven years.

"At this rate, I'll be 43 when I do my next one." However, he's just finished work on the comedy feature film, Jubilee, directed by his Hercules cast mate Michael Hurst.

With Channelling Baby, Kevin enjoyed the chance to play a character different to his usual roles. Some of the movie is set in the 1970s, which explains the colourful shirts they picked for our photo shoot.

"For the past 10 years or so, I've been playing the generic evil guy, the bad boy or the charming rogue. It's been really good to play someone who carries a bit of baggage."

It's not just acting which brings Kevin and Joel together. They both play in the band, The Wide Lapels, which specialises in retro music.

"On film sets, there are musos everywhere and it's easy to throw together an impromptu band and do a gig," says Kevin.

In October, they went to San Francisco together and played on stage at a Xena and Hercules Convention. "It's good to have the balance of acting and the music," says Joel.

Hannah Dickson

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