maybe just once more

if only in dreams let me hear your warm laughter maybe just once more They call this Wally because it looks like WALL-E… So, had my crown done today. It was an interesting few hours. The most uncomfortable thing was the process to numb me. LOL Otherwise, it went fine and I have a new…

as this longing breathes

this longing breathes deep within a secret place unseen and unheard one last promise to keep all else so fractured scarring with such delicacy the pain so mesmerizing the ache so addicting was it ever real the culmination the consummation this insatiable beat dreams turned to memories eliciting hints of desires laughter and tears and…

why not just let go

why not just let go say good bye to misery it’s not worth your time one-time license plate At the moment the Tigers are leading my A’s, 3-0. Killin’ me. Holli and me The Cardinals lost to the Pirates earlier today. UGH! It was lovely leaving work early. Whenever we have the short days and…

am I over you

am I at the end has longing dissipated am I over you The photos of Henry Cavill filming are KILLING me with his hotness. Yes, I said HIS HOTNESS. (the pictures are NOT mine, I humbly pilfered from other sources) My day and other not so interesting things…

My A’s rock!!!

Congratulations to the AL West 2013 Champions, the Oakland Athletics!!! Published via Pressgram

you’re so broken

poem #1 you’re just so broken pretending you know your way playing such the fool poem #2 you’ll just turn your back not at all realizing the fault is all yours

heat simmering sweet beneath

you’re such temptation heat simmering sweet beneath waiting to let go Cavill, Stapleton, Winchester I just realized that all of the above men can do accents not their own. Interesting! 😉