just momentary

I can’t dismiss you say you are a distraction just momentary my sms twitters at the bottom of the 9th Mark Mulder was supposed to be working but he was tweeting at the bottom of the 9th last night. LOL Oh man, that ninth inning almost KILLED ME! We should not forget that I am…

until we meet once again

now we say good bye until we meet once again training in the spring I can’t really say I’m utterly heartbroken since I did a piss poor job of actually following the A’s this season. Still I’m sad that their season is over. They took us on one heck of a ride, eh? I just…

expecting my heart to break

I’m holding my breath expecting my heart to break hoping to be wrong Well, my A’s proved me wrong, made me sheepish about not having faith in them. It was damn exciting, that bottom of the 9th inning last night. YE GODS! I seriously almost cried. LOL

for the notion of romance

am I just falling for the notion of romance ignoring the heart we went here to pick up dinner I think I’ve committed myself to writing a romance novel for National Novel Writing Month. I’ve begun the outlining process, which for me means writing bits here and there to help me get to know the…

this was always more

this was always more than heated words and bother here on the surface Oh my goodness, the Oakland Athletics are the 2012 AMERICAN LEAGUE WEST CHAMPIONS!!! Who would have thought?! I, the self proclaimed A’s fan, did not even think this was possible. But they have reminded me of love of baseball and the A’s….