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TWITL – week twelve – seeing @TylerRichMusic again #TylerRich

write me a song give me a line make me fall in love deeper than this write me a song pour out your heart confess you feel more beyond just this write me a song surrender yourself let go of… Continue Reading →

do you think it’s easy

do you think it’s easy pining this away locking away my heart pretending I’m okay whenever I hear your name do you think it’s easy hating you loving you harboring this longing from prying eyes do you think it’s easy… Continue Reading →

this heart beats softly

this heart beats softly anticipation beneath waiting for the spark from Strike Back, of course I’m watching 300 Rise of an Empire because that’s what I do on the weekends. 😉 Sometimes it’s just noise in the background. Sometimes I… Continue Reading →

somewhere close temptation awaits

poem #1 you think it’s easy pretending not to feel this longing deep inside poem #2 do you feel my breath the promise in my whispers warm against your skin poem #3 won’t you let me go release me from… Continue Reading →

as the stars shine bright

poem #1 I will give you this a whisper of a promise lasting forever poem #2 the darkness rises as the light of day does fall bringing forth sweet dreams poem #3 I will surrender if you promise me the… Continue Reading →

pure satisfaction

pleasure hones the senses infusing delight with love’s taste imbued with pure satisfaction first season Stonebridge The stress is seriously getting to me. How long can I last in this weird limbo? It’s quite maddening. Henry, doused What helps, of… Continue Reading →

the silence overwhelms

the silence overwhelms my jagged heart Henry Cavill & Amy Adams

A very wet Superman. #HenryCavill

After the ice bucket challenge.

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