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do you think it’s easy

do you think it’s easy pining this away locking away my heart pretending I’m okay whenever I hear your name do you think it’s easy hating you loving you harboring this longing from prying eyes do you think it’s easy… Continue Reading →

let me sit here

let me sit here darkness in the mist breathe the wet chill the sky unseen the sun too distant the breeze a mere tickle let me sit here silence in the gray the edges soft the colors stark where time… Continue Reading →

this heart beats softly

this heart beats softly anticipation beneath waiting for the spark from Strike Back, of course I’m watching 300 Rise of an Empire because that’s what I do on the weekends. 😉 Sometimes it’s just noise in the background. Sometimes I… Continue Reading →

#JamieDornan in #TheFall

So fascinated

even without an endgame

just take a breath admit you can’t wait maybe I’ll say yes insist on it now even without an endgame Mmmm, Sully I don’t know if I’m ahead on my poems but I figure I’m writing so might as well… Continue Reading →

#JamieDornan as Paul Spector in #TheFall

The moment she knew…

Oh #JamieDornan. From #TheFall

Planning dark things…

#JamieDornan as the dangerous Paul Spector in #TheFall

Darkly compelling is this one

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