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TWITL – week twelve

I have started writing my next Listworthy post. Who’s excited?! Ha! I need to sit down and just focus on it. After all, he might read it and I want to make a good impression. You do know who it… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week five 2017

the first touch the tentative smile how time just stops the breath holds the heart pauses let this be forever as we exhale suddenly truly alive the broken pieces worn to something new just as beautiful as once fallen tears… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week four 2017

all this time I didn’t know you would be the one every glance a mystery until the moment we touched did you forget as I did to breath to think to speak did you freeze while the spark lit a… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week forty – fall break

the whisper of the chill fleeting for the moment the longing for the cold seemingly so out of reach the silent plea for rest willing to touch the darkness can’t we fall just a little bit linger somewhere in between… Continue Reading →

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