you can’t be perfect

I skipped yesterday’s poem. WTH? And even though I think I was ahead I’ll still try for two today. Here it goes… Poem #1 you can’t be perfect even when you smile so sweet with all the right words Poem #2 maybe just one time as you take my offered hand you will laugh with…

something unspoken

neglected forsaken forgotten something said something unspoken no reason no hint just silence breaking fading lost me and one of my boyfriends STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS – Impressions? Well…

did I ever stop

did I ever stop loving you in my own way you don’t need to ask The official trailer for Almost Human I don’t usually get hot and bothered for new shows that won’t premiere for MONTHS but the thought of seeing Karl Urban on my tv weekly just fills me with utter delight. DELIGHT.

smiling that come hither smile

hello there you tease smiling that come hither smile of hot temptation I am so enjoying these lazy days. I love not knowing what day of the week it is. LOL