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see the morning in your eyes

the moment I saw you the world stopped a taste of forever a sliver of perfection then I knew why as I took a breath the reason for my being shone in your smile I’ll give you everything for just… Continue Reading →

tell me again

tell me again why you can’t stay leaving is the only way to regret Sullivan Stapleton in Gangster Squad In a week I will be in the throes of National Novel Writing Month. Glorious! Yes, I am looking forward to… Continue Reading →

I’m in the mood for #JohnCarter #TaylorKitsch

Such an adventuresome tale!

never forget I care

don’t break my heart over words left unsaid resist the tempting notion to keep yourself apart from me never forget I care Taylor Kitsch in The Grand Seduction See, I still adore Kitsch. 🙂 The Grand Seduction was a cute… Continue Reading →

pondering my fate

poem #1 pierced through the heart so open if I bleed leave me in this despair pondering my fate poem #2 keeping it in such darkness this cannot last spare me the indifference caught in your heart holding fast the… Continue Reading →

amaze me with a whisper

stay here with me take me by the hand amaze me with a whisper promise me forever leave nothing unsaid even any fears trapped in the darkness open your heart to me never let me go my latest lockscreen Surely… Continue Reading →

the hush a stillness

the hush a stillness yearning at bay listless, impatient overindulgent restless underneath Philip Winchester – Strike Back Finished up the audio commentary on US season 2 of Strike Back. I really do love it when both Sully and Phil are… Continue Reading →

remains to comfort

this hasn’t ended a mere pause yet exists lost in the madness only faith remains to comfort Philip Winchester – Strike Back I think I had a Strike Back dream but it was a Richard Armitage dream. WTH. Seriously? So… Continue Reading →

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