Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy – GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It was was fun, adventuresome, touching, funny, and action packed. It’s probably the only movie I’m going to see in the theatre this summer and it’s totally worth it. James Gunn and his crew did a FANTASTIC job. (Quoting my quick FB post. LOL) I was…

you are my weakness

poem #1: you are my weakness the glow of light within me the breath I must take poem #2: would you stray so far stand within the dark fringes reside with shadows my heart wishes for more of this… How long has it been since I’ve done the haikus? I feel like it has been…

a moment yet unspoken

tempt me a moment yet unspoken linger with a smile on your lips reach for my hand the Friday view of the desk It’s Spring Break for the students out this way. GLORIOUS!!! I’m doing my usual Mondays off plus we have half days on the Fridays. Good times, good times. 😉 The Veronica Mars…

next time comes your turn

sometimes you must understand you have no moves listen with your heart let it all just fade if only for this moment vanity can have no play arise from the despair next time comes your turn Sullivan Stapleton, “Themistokles” in 300 Rise of an Empire 300 Rise of an Empire… Let’s get the fangirl stuff…


stand tall undaunted longing left aside instead vow honesty abandon despair nurture hope Sullivan Stapleton – 300 Rise of an Empire Right now, at this very moment, I am watching Super Rugby LIVE. Highlanders v Blues. I see some familiar players but I don’t really have a favorite here. It’s a good game so far….

slipping through my heart

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends Lisa and Kim. And Happy Birthday to Tom Hardy! 🙂 rugby makes me happy I am still breathing pushing away the despair slipping through my heart

you’re so broken

poem #1 you’re just so broken pretending you know your way playing such the fool poem #2 you’ll just turn your back not at all realizing the fault is all yours

the breeze not cool enough

the air so warm and thick the sun nearly scorching the breeze not cool enough when will the days give way to a chill ever so slight to a night just longer still it’s not really that hard to spell my name… points for creativity? I don’t think you’ll ever hear me say I want…

shining with promise

this heart surrenders willing and without pretense shining with promise Strike Back fellas Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester Husband bought Star Trek Into Darkness at iTunes for me. YAH!!! We watched it last night. I still teared up a bit at the usual spots. The movie looks good except the part where Uhura is speaking…

lead me to believe

you may have my heart whisper promises so sweet lead me to believe I am writing after three shots of Makers Mark and watching Immortals. What a wild Sunday night! 😉 Henry Cavill as Theseus in Immortals I’ve watched this movie before and it was worth the re-watch for Henry. 😉 They tweaked the Theseus…

just this one last time

just this one last time let me hear you laugh again while we smile once more my ticket to Man of Steel

breaks in my resolve

won’t you keep me close forgive my indiscretions breaks in my resolve What, I watched a movie that didn’t have “Trek” or “Steel” in the title? Miracle! And how did I like it?