TWITL – week eight

toss aside your doubts leave behind every insecurity relish each challenge rise to the stars in steady fashion chase your muse hold tight your inspiration Tyler having a good time for his bday weekend… Wednesday was Tyler Rich’s birthday! He was in town and I could have gone to see him but alas, not meant…

lace my dreams

stop me upend me lace my dreams with light and longing invite me veil me against this never ending chaos rugby, NOW! My Crusaders are playing right now. They’re SO CLOSE to scoring right now but the Stormers’ defense is like a freakin’ wall right now! COME ON!… Now they’re looking at the last breakdown….


stand tall undaunted longing left aside instead vow honesty abandon despair nurture hope Sullivan Stapleton – 300 Rise of an Empire Right now, at this very moment, I am watching Super Rugby LIVE. Highlanders v Blues. I see some familiar players but I don’t really have a favorite here. It’s a good game so far….

as this longing breathes

this longing breathes deep within a secret place unseen and unheard one last promise to keep all else so fractured scarring with such delicacy the pain so mesmerizing the ache so addicting was it ever real the culmination the consummation this insatiable beat dreams turned to memories eliciting hints of desires laughter and tears and…

you’re so broken

poem #1 you’re just so broken pretending you know your way playing such the fool poem #2 you’ll just turn your back not at all realizing the fault is all yours

as if it were night

I am cold inside feeling nothing of the sun as if it were night All Blacks I watched rugby all day. It was glorious! And my teams won! Well, the All Blacks and then the Springboks. The rest of the games I just watched for fun. 😉 Ohhhh, and then Strike Back too! I freakin’…

heat simmering sweet beneath

you’re such temptation heat simmering sweet beneath waiting to let go Cavill, Stapleton, Winchester I just realized that all of the above men can do accents not their own. Interesting! 😉

one moment without regret

let me just forget one moment without regret free from all this fret Guess what song is playing right now. 😉 Yup, “April Rider”. I’m playing it really loud and it sounds good. I don’t usually play it this loud unless I’m in the car. Hmmm… I spent a lot of the day watching Pride…