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TWITL – week thirty-one – #SpreadTheLoveTour edition

Sam Hunt on stage on Saturday at Levi’s Stadium Where do I even start? The whole concert experience this time around was just crazy AWESOME. My cousin surprised me with two tickets to the show and I was so happy… Continue Reading →

The First Time I Heard #SamHunt @SamHuntMusic

13 February 2015 – the first time I heard Sam Hunt… I was in the car with the hubby and he had the country station on and Sam played. I didn’t know it was him. I was interested enough to… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week one

it begins with a smile the undeniable spark lighting the eyes so warm and dark then the hesitation the first whisper of the name the shift and tilt of the world will never be the same as if all the… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to me! (& hullo to @TylerRichMusic in the pic)

let me stay here smile with you laugh with you let the breeze swirl wild around us catching our whispers the secrets we tell beneath the starlit sky into the morning’s dawn let me stay here smiling with you laughing… Continue Reading →

Listworthy: Sam Hunt (@samhuntmusic / #SamHunt)

name: Sam Lowry Hunt DOB: 8 December 1984 height: 6’4” degree of separation: ? my list or yours: yours mine My first “yours” but it’s a bunch of BS because the only reason he’s not on my List is because… Continue Reading →

see the morning in your eyes

the moment I saw you the world stopped a taste of forever a sliver of perfection then I knew why as I took a breath the reason for my being shone in your smile I’ll give you everything for just… Continue Reading →

the promise in each breath

something new yet timeless this rush the racing heart the breathless feeling so bright spreading fast with laughter bubbling just below the surface something new yet timeless this love the certainty that beats the promise in each breathh my (unplanned)… Continue Reading →

admit this truth

you keep saying someday but I know there’s no way you’ll ever confess your heart you’d rather stay apart than admit this truth between me and you Sam Hunt… dreamy focus Here’s a truth: I am way into Sam Hunt…. Continue Reading →

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