let me sit here

let me sit here darkness in the mist breathe the wet chill the sky unseen the sun too distant the breeze a mere tickle let me sit here silence in the gray the edges soft the colors stark where time and space collide near to nothing Sully – Strike Back The Fall – series 2…

ready to reveal

he knows your secrets the ones waiting in the wings ready to reveal contemplative Sully – Strike Back I’m still a little delighted about all the faves my throwback Thursday tweet has gotten so far. LOVE!

the love that spreads far and wide

what’s sweeter than this the love that spreads far and wide from such simple words Sully – Strike Back This is my most popular tweet EVER! Holy crap! 1999, Santa Monica #throwbackthursday #tbt @deanogormano @ryangosling @joeltobeck #twt pic.twitter.com/gwGZEuDiIM — Valerie Noble (@walelia) January 8, 2015 So that was my Thursday Throwback post and sometime during…

the longing you think you hide

now confess to me the longing you think you hide your darkest secrets the Strike Back lads Sometimes it feels like time is just at a standstill and other times it just feels as if it’s zipping by in near incoherence. You think you’re anchored to something. Maybe it’s a feeling. Maybe it’s the certainty…

forty words

a 40 word poem for a new 40 year old: welcome to this world the lovely land of 40s may it stretch far and wide filled with great adventure filled with bright laughter filled with endless joy welcome to this world rife with wisdom this great unknown waiting for you Yes, I’m creative like that….

dare you to resist

dare you to resist just a smile, just a whisper this promise to you LOVE his delighted smile… Sully… Strike Back I think I have started four or five stories and all the characters seem to just want sexy time. WTH. I start with one scene to try and figure out the characters but they’re…

winter moon so bright

winter moon so bright the silver shadows matching the chill of the night Sully – Strike Back I decided to watch 300 Rise of an Empire today instead of tomorrow. I usually wait until Sunday but it’s almost as if I wanted to get it done sooner rather than later. I know, TERRIBLE!

a whisper of a promise

let’s begin with this a whisper of a promise wrapped sweet in a kiss Sully pouring a drink – Strike Back Journeyed outside today, first for lunch, then for a bit of window shopping. Bought the vinyl special edition of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, which also includes the score. Ah, the simple pleasures….