I don’t need your smile

I don’t need your smile that intoxicating thrill to light up my heart So yesterday both my phones updated! My Nexus S FINALLY got the Jelly Bean update and my iPhone got the iOS 6 update. Yeehaw! I’ve been using Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7, so I don’t really see much difference having JB…

can you be so sweet

can you be so sweet with your wide smile and laughter visiting my dreams reading one of MANY articles on the new iPhone Have I been suckered in by the iPhone? I confess, I do love (as much as you can love technology) my iPhone to distraction. It just works for me and it’s a…

let the light fill you

let the light fill you cast away the dark shadows let peace soothe your soul watching Dan Feuerriegel on my Nexus 7 So, what do I think about the Nexus 7? Read on!

new techie device!

don’t think you know me I will hold my secrets close hiding with a smile I’m typing from my new Nexus 7! There was slight drama with the whole delivery of the package but all ended well. Whew! So far, I like it! I’m going to charge it overnight and see how the battery lasts…

13th Friday, CornFest, Sat morning

poem #1 let us say goodbye without the tears or drama let’s just walk away poem#2 how does just one look light such a fire inside so unrelenting CORNFEST 2012!