no need to look back

we said our good byes the days have since turned to years no need to look back TV stuff

then never look back

maybe now it’s time take that deep breath and let go then never look back My friend had a total adventure this past weekend and I think I won’t ever tire of hearing about it! I was so excited for her and now I just want to hear everything about it. LOL Am I being…

on the edge of naughty

I dreamt a dream on the edge of naughty a moment of intentions sadly unfulfilled a gentle hand feeling the rough while dark eyes waited smiling with temptation Naked Fighting alá Philip Winchester in Strike Back I wanted to post the above collage on Twitter or Instagram but I decided on a more PG version…

maybe just once more

if only in dreams let me hear your warm laughter maybe just once more They call this Wally because it looks like WALL-E… So, had my crown done today. It was an interesting few hours. The most uncomfortable thing was the process to numb me. LOL Otherwise, it went fine and I have a new…

too much tv watching!

I almost want to write a poem right now but I’ll leave it to tomorrow. 😉 Instead you can read my take on the shows I watch… work candy

I let you go

I let you go long ago so why do my dreams fill with your laughter tempting me teasing me making me think I feel your touch the skim of your whisper light on my skin my recollections twisting your words into promises you never uttered yet I believed then I let you go turning my…

I can’t see past this

I can’t see past this reaching out into the dark the light seems so far couldn’t resist the Starbucks today So, my tooth has been aching for the past few weeks and today I was compelled to make an appointment with the dentist. I go on Monday (my day off). I almost wish I could…

you’re so broken

poem #1 you’re just so broken pretending you know your way playing such the fool poem #2 you’ll just turn your back not at all realizing the fault is all yours

are you still holding on

are you still holding on imagining what will never be just let it go close the door nothing’s there for you only yesterdays only memories best left alone dreamy & strong I am so in love with my lockscreen (dreamy side). I love how men can be breathtaking in their beauty.