skittering and flittering

this restless feeling skittering and flittering off course and aimless Stayed home from work today. Got up at my usual time, went through my routine, was halfway done with my hair when I realized I was clammy and achy and kinda feverish. Boooooo! Which ‘Under the Dome’ Character Are You? More on Under the Dome….

shining with promise

this heart surrenders willing and without pretense shining with promise Strike Back fellas Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester Husband bought Star Trek Into Darkness at iTunes for me. YAH!!! We watched it last night. I still teared up a bit at the usual spots. The movie looks good except the part where Uhura is speaking…

keep me close to you

keep me close to you don’t forget the laughs we shared not so long ago proof that I am WAY INTO Strike Back

the haze of pleasure draws back

as our bodies calm the haze of pleasure draws back yet the warmth prevades from Strike Back TV… Broadchurch – A very good second episode! The mystery deepens, alibis called into question, untruths abound!… I like the twists so far. Tis well written and acted and the location is very lovely. 🙂

wishing you’d come back

my heart’s not broken I don’t cry myself to sleep wishing you’d come back just because… Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back… Oh Monday. It wasn’t too dreadful.

planting bits of hope

poem #1 the sun setting low the skies above turning red heralding the dark poem #2 the lift of music slipping through the dark despair planting bits of hope Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

disconnecting me

nothing but silence unrelentingly constant disconnecting me written 08-07-13 I am writing without internet at home, using WordPad. I haven’t used WordPad in AGES yet here I am, wanting to write so I write with the one wordprocessing program on my computer. I feel thrown back into the past like this. It’s a strange feeling….

just once let my kiss linger

won’t you dream of me just once let my kiss linger sweet upon your lips The last day of break. The morning was nice. We had convocation. But after lunch everything just went into overdrive or something and I had ringing phones and people in my lobby. Nutters. From

each breath means one more promise

as we reach to touch each breath means one more promise a secret to tell the latest media at my twitter… Twas a muggy day, quite humid. It got to the point where I turned on Pandora and played the Hawaiian radio because I wanted to be somewhere tropical. Ahhh, the islands. 🙂 I spent…

this tenuous connection

if I close my eyes this tenuous connection will reach out to me Henry Cavill at Comic Con I think all week I should just post pictures of my fellas at Comic Con. Is that crazy torture or what? LOL I’m going to just lose myself in YouTube videos from Comic Con. Go The Nerd…

forget what you think you know

light just a flicker losing its ground as the darkness descends false comfort surrounds shaking with every breath temptation whispers let go why stay indecisive forget what you think you know ahhh, Strike Back I have a hair appointment on Friday, which means I won’t be seeing Man of Steel after work. I don’t know…