I can’t see past this

I can’t see past this reaching out into the dark the light seems so far couldn’t resist the Starbucks today So, my tooth has been aching for the past few weeks and today I was compelled to make an appointment with the dentist. I go on Monday (my day off). I almost wish I could…

you’re so broken

poem #1 you’re just so broken pretending you know your way playing such the fool poem #2 you’ll just turn your back not at all realizing the fault is all yours

are you still holding on

are you still holding on imagining what will never be just let it go close the door nothing’s there for you only yesterdays only memories best left alone dreamy & strong I am so in love with my lockscreen (dreamy side). I love how men can be breathtaking in their beauty.

skittering and flittering

this restless feeling skittering and flittering off course and aimless Stayed home from work today. Got up at my usual time, went through my routine, was halfway done with my hair when I realized I was clammy and achy and kinda feverish. Boooooo! Which ‘Under the Dome’ Character Are You? More on Under the Dome….

shining with promise

this heart surrenders willing and without pretense shining with promise Strike Back fellas Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester Husband bought Star Trek Into Darkness at iTunes for me. YAH!!! We watched it last night. I still teared up a bit at the usual spots. The movie looks good except the part where Uhura is speaking…

keep me close to you

keep me close to you don’t forget the laughs we shared not so long ago proof that I am WAY INTO Strike Back