forget what you think you know

light just a flicker losing its ground as the darkness descends false comfort surrounds shaking with every breath temptation whispers let go why stay indecisive forget what you think you know ahhh, Strike Back I have a hair appointment on Friday, which means I won’t be seeing Man of Steel after work. I don’t know…

in this dream we laughed

in this dream we laughed remembering days of past here again we’re friends Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back I am a longtime Flickr user and I LOVE THE NEW SITE. To the people complaining about the photos being in their faces, I say this: IT IS A PHOTO SITE. What else is supposed to be…

laugh and promise no regrets

don’t ever skip your dreams put them away to forget cherish every moment given laugh and promise no regrets Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Hope you all had a lovely day.

step back from the thrill

why can’t I forget the warmth of such attention step back from the thrill The wind was so wild today. Crazy wild. It was exhilarating! But not enough for me to step outside during my lunch. LOL Oh well.

losing track of time

just leave me gazing into those sweet eyes of yours losing track of time Actor DAN FEUERRIEGEL of ‘Spartacus’ from our ‘IN THE TUB’ Coffee Table Book shoot (Profits to Breast Cancer Research) – TJ Scott If you view the big pic of that shot of Dan, his green eyes just catch you. Or perhaps…

you’re making it so easy

you’re making it so easy to just say good bye I’ll still smile when I hear a song or two that reminds me of you aren’t you tired of trying of grasping at yesterdays better left to memories the emptiness always on hand the thrills so fleeting the glow just a shade making it so…

Easter Sunday

night has fallen the rain has fallen though the days say spring in this quiet moment winter slips in to touch the chill in the breeze just enough to shiver a reminder not so distant We stayed in town for Easter which was probably just as well since the weather was quite unsettling all day….

temptation to tide

maybe just a dance one song one moment one secret promise tinged with inspiration maybe just a taste one touch one whisper one kiss temptation to tide over the solitude one of my screensaver pics How is it already February? The weather has been so lovely with the brisk mornings and the pleasant afternoons. It’s…

have I caught your eye

have I caught your eye planted a little wonder somewhere in your heart Ed Quinn in Werewolf: The Beast Among Us After reading my friend’s review of Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, I feel like I should watch it again. Hmmm, maybe this weekend while I’m doing some laundry. 😉 It’ll be a nice way…

I know that it’s you

I know that it’s you hiding in the dark shadows of my restless dreams they didn’t care for what was on tv

for a bit of light

is it this easy to call on you for comfort for a bit of light So we FINALLY watched Werewolf: The Beast Among Us! Decent flick (I have absolutely seen worse by my other fellas), nicely produced. Will I watch it again? Well yes, mostly because of Mr. Ed Quinn. 😉 Speaking of EQ…

he sees deception

he sees deception lurking in her eyes yet he can’t stop the want inside he hears lies fall sweet from her lips yet he won’t stop the path of her kiss he feels hope with every touch yet knows it’s wrong to want to so much Caught up on our Monday shows last night!