"You have your own domain?  Why?"

Yes, I've been asked that.  My answer, I think, was, "Why not?"  <G>

Kiari's Corner began in 1997 as a place for me to show my admiration for two actors from Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules the Legendary Journeys.  Those pages for Kevin Smith and Erik Thomson grew into their own sites respectively, but always tied to Kiari's Corner.

When we decided to go with another ISP (we were with AOL at the time), I first thought of moving my sites to one of the numerous free webhosts out there.  I had already begun Kiari's Carlos Ponce Page at Xoom, but when Xoom went down for a whole weekend, I decided to go ahead and purchase

Since that fateful day in late 1998, has grown to include sites on Chris Conrad, Ryan Gosling, William Gregory Lee, soulDecision, and other favorite fellows.  ;)

Vida alá Valerie is the more personal side to  This section of my site gives me a chance to showcase personal pictures and the like...

vida alá valerie