This layout, May2002 aka Vida alá Una Chica de A's, is yet another attempt at frames.  The background image for the "border" frames was created in Adobe Photoshop.  I made a brush from a picture of the "aces" of the A's and tada!  The whole page itself was created in Via Page because I haven't read up on Dreamweaver enough to figure everything out.  ;)

Since it's currently baseball season and I seem to be in a baseball chick kind of mode, this layout is a reflection of that.  Groovy, eh?  The fellows in the background are Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, and Mark Mulder...

I tried to keep the menu section the same and I kept the Vida alá Valerie title gif for the main page.  The picture opening the site is of me and Saffy, filtered and stuff.  The picture was taken with a digital camera.


I'm not actually sure when I did this layout, so I named it Xmas2001 because of the picture of me in the brown sweater.  Another frames site, very simple, and hopefully easy to navigate.

I think I have more of the previous layouts around.  I'll try and find them to show them off.  LOL!