So I got this rather rude email the other day and normally I don’t give those kinds of emails the time of day, but this time I felt like doing a little egging on. It’s a good way of keeping me at my wits, I suppose. But my question is this- Why do people think they can just email someone with something rude about them or their website? This person who emailed me obviously came from my (Ohhh) Ryan site and for some reason did not like it. I can dig that, truly. But then to email me and tell me I’m not all that? What in the world is that all about?

Here’s the first email (unedited):

VGnss151: HOw come you think you are all of that? my answer is you’re not.

My answer:

Me: Hi there,
Don’t know who you’re talking about. Would you like to clarify?

Here’s the second email and my reply:

VGNss151: I dont have clarify nothing you site is whacked out. Oh yeah you still ain’t all that.

Me: Thanks for the laugh. You’re actually the whacked one. If you don’t like my site, don’t visit! Simple as that. See, it’s easy!

The 3rd:

VGNss151: i don’t know why you think youre a gosgal you’re another throw away fan. oh yeah i don’t want to visit your trashy site.

Me: LOL! A “throwaway fan?” Exactly what is that? And who are you, anyway? I must say, you do amuse me with your little bits, but I am curious too. Did I do something to you to warrant your rather atrocious behaviour towards me? Or are you just jealous? If I did something to offend you, I do apologize. But if you’re just jealous, then I feel sorry for you…

I know, I know, I shouldn’t have even gotten into it with this person. But I just couldn’t help myself! I think my last email will be the final one from me, unless the person comes up with something interesting. Ah, hate mail. Well, what can you do? I just hope this person isn’t a Ryan fan…

Most of the time, though, I get really nice messages from my visitors. They thank me for sharing my pictures and what not and those are rather nice. Of course, some think that I’m Ryan (I AM NOT RYAN GOSLING!!!), even though I say on my site that I am not Ryan…