Wow, that VGNss151 person emailed me again. I don’t particularly like what the email said, so I shall spare you. I can only share so much. But you can read my reply:

But who are you? Do I know you? What did I do to you? Or did you miss that part of my previous email? Let me repeat it– WHAT DID I DO TO YOU?

Having a website is a rather harmless hobby on my part. I do try to keep the “drooling” factor down on my fansites. As much as I do admire Ryan, I’m afraid lusting is not part of that. I just happen to like the young man that I met and having met him opened my eyes to his talent. If that’s lusting, well, okay then, I’ll not quibble over definitions. I really have no intentions towards Ryan. I merely wish to share my thoughts on him with my visitors. I don’t particularly think my website is “ridiculous,” but you are entitled to your own opinion.

You seem to think you know a lot about me. Why don’t you tell me about yourself? First off, are you male or female? Do you like Ryan Gosling yourself? Do you know him? Do you have your own website? Are you younger than me? (I’m going to guess and say yes on that point.)


I shall let VGNss151 have the last word. It’s only right…

In other news, I am thinking of revamping kiari.com yet again. I like the frames, but they aren’t exactly the way I want them. So more experimenting is likely in store. And it’s so dark! I might go for a white background next. We shall see…