Omigosh, Chris Conrad remembers me?! There, I said it. I just had to say it. Of course, I remember him (doy, have a fansite on him), but I didn’t think he’d remember me. Not really. Why should he? Well, I did take my business card from inside my shirt. Long story, already told elsewhere, specifically here. Go read it, amuse yourself.

I’m starting to lose track of appearances by my favorite fellows. soulDecision will be hosting MTV’s TRL on Jeff’s birthday. (Who’s Jeff? :P) Harry Connick Jr. is going to be on Conan O’Brien on Colby’s birthday. (Nope, not telling who Colby is.) Hey, that’s weird! But easy to remember, I suppose. Jeff = March 13th, Colby = March 21st. Just in case you were wondering.

Just before going to work, I was watching the news. Damn depressing, especially since it was the school shooting in Santee, CA. Because of where I work, I have this tendency to think that people who do things like that (ie shoot people randomly in a senseless fashion) are rather uncorked in the head. You know, chemically imbalanced in the brain. But how is it that he supposedly told people and they didn’t believe him? With all the freaky violence going on in the world these days, wouldn’t *someone* have felt a bit uncomfortable about what he was saying? Might they have wondered if he had the means of carrying out his intentions? I’m not talking nerve or guts, but means. Did he have access to a gun? Are guns really that easy to get? I’m told they are, but I’m oddly sheltered and naive, I suppose. Oh well.

My thoughts and prayers to the families of everyone involved…