I totally suck! I am so behind on my emails and updating my encounters section of my Greg site. Aaaack!!! And I never update my main updates page. Rats.

But the cool stuff! My Oakland Athletics won their first game of the season! Barry Zito got the win, Miguel Tejada hit a grandslam, and the A’s are 1-1 for the season. God, I love baseball. 🙂

I’ve been mostly updating my soulDecision site in recent days. I added yet more screencaps, this time from the video “No One Does It Better.” An old video, but one I only recently got on tape. I’m a bit hopeless over them, eh?

The not so cool stuff… I think I’m *not* going to the Xena convention in Pasadena in May. ::big sigh:: I haven’t bought my tickets, I have no idea when Greg is appearing and it looks like a lot of my friends aren’t going to make it. I’m a little disappointed, but relieved too. It’s going to be a hectic weekend! Besides, I think I want to spend the first days of my 30s with my family and friends. Well, at least with the hubby and the dogs. 🙂

Just visited the Creation site and I see that November brings the con to San Jose. Most groovy! I hope Greg goes to that one ’cause I’ll be there. I’ve decided that I’ll do gold seats for the local cons. How could I not? :)~

My time online seems to be spent downloading music. It’s so quick now! I absolutely love it!

29 days until 30…