Last night we went to a crab feed. YUM!!! I ate a lot. It was great! Oh, and then there was the raffle. Among the prizes were tickets to an A’s game, tickets to a Warriors’ game, a limo ride to a brunch or something, and lots of other nice things. I really wanted the A’s thing, but instead we won the Warriors’ tickets. WOOHOO!!! Winning can be so cool. 🙂

I do believe I have officially gone Cartoon Doll happy. It’s just so much fun! I think I can spend hours upon hours making dolls. Of course, for me they are all dark haired. 😉 Ravenstarr (see below) might actually be a new character for me. I’m still not sure. But doesn’t she go well with the whole “ZacksDarkAngel” persona? LOL! I might be getting the domain Ravenstarr.com, so she’ll be the one there.

I have acquired kiari.net. It was through Namezero.com. For now it just points to kiari.com. val.kiari.net will bring you straight to this page.